VEMAS: “The Process, the Product, the Emerging Market…”

August 21, 2012

On 15th August 2012, invited by CIBC (China Integrated Building Committee, the sub-council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) the Shanghai International Integrated Building & Light Gauge Steel Housing Expo 2012, Mr. Karl Dixon, CEO of Altek Global Limited has attended the “Integrated Building—-China & Australia Cooperation Forum”, which focuses on how to help Chinese integrated house manufacturers penetrate the Australian market, and meet the requirements of the export market.

As a strategic partner of CIBC, Karl Dixon, CEO of ALTEK Global Limited, was invited to give a lecture at the forum on ‘Process Control through VEMAS’. It would be a great opportunity for domestic manufacturers who are interested in VEMAS manufacture partners to be filled with clear information on the VEMAS Service Package agreement structure for both domestic and export markets.

It’s the first time VEMAS was launched into the public area in China. The VEMAS system, offers the emerging domestic integrated house manufacturers a holistic solution to delivering a wide range of permanent engineered buildings.

VEMAS is not a consultancy it is not simply a service provider; ALTEK VEMAS design product engineering for manufacture. It places engineers within their clients facilities along with quality and performance managers to ensure quality, speed and cost is controlled. Once the product is manufactured,VEMAS project manage the installation and completion on site, This service is offered in the delivery of domestic or foreign based projects.

No matter how much the manufacturers know about modular house, they can still deliver high quality cost competitive end product to their clients.

This is exactly what domestic manufactures require in the rapidly developing sustainable housing market at the moment, and VEMAS service was highly welcomed during the forum.

*VEMAS = Volumetric Engineered Manufactured Accommodation System.?


To provide VEMAS manufacture partner with comprehensive solutions, through the adoption of centralized pre-manufacturing functionality, joint engineering resource throughout the manufacturing process and managed facilitation post-manufacture. VEMAS by encasing and integrating each core competence throughout the holistic process provides the VEMAS manufacture partners with the service and support they need to provide off-site manufactured product into the market consistently, competitively and profitably.

View VEMAS: “The Process, the Product, the Emerging Market…”

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