Rooms: 15

Area: 2,400 m² (25,833 ft²)

ALTEK’s background in corporate office buildings exemplifies our understanding in the pressure to reduce life cycle costs while increasing productivity, flexibility, and functionality while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Our products use high quality, sustainable materials that allow for a high performance building reducing operational costs. Our process uniquely allows our product break free and not be limited to traditional modular construction design capabilities creating the ability to focus on an integral approach to solving all of the client’s needs.

Headquarters | Office Building:

As this building demo acts as the headquarters for the VEMAS village demo site, its compelling design is based on its function in which it is arranged and connected by its different sectors.  This three storey, 2400m2 office building exemplifies our capabilities of providing innovative sustainable solutions including solar panel technology, geothermal heating systems, integrated data control, high performing central A/C system as several measures taken for the design to meet LEED criteria.