Rooms: 12

Area: 2,880 m² (31,000 ft²)

ALTEK recognizes that educational facilities are becoming increasingly specialized based on the needs of the specific users. The design of educational facilities has a huge significance in the competitive educational environment for our students. Because ALTEK is involved in every aspect of the design of the product, we can provide an experience as a single point of contact providing a higher level of quality control and communication. Clients with educational projects benefit from our process because it allows for more predictable cost, sustainable design, and reduced safety issues. Our modular construction technology can be applied to modular and portable classrooms, classroom complexes, dormitories, science and computer labs, communications labs, restrooms, administration offices, multi-purpose rooms, and cafeterias, all in either permanent or non-permanent applications. Because our team consists of industry professionals who specialize in all aspects of the construction process, we can help you to develop public/private schools, independent and charter schools, universities and community colleges, daycares and early childhood development programs.

The VEMAS site includes an educational and training facility that was designed to increase productivity in students by using innovative design measures creating the lecture, training, and display areas as a design focal point. The three storey, 2,880m2 facility includes lecture rooms, classrooms, state-of-the-art library, display room, and accommodating administration offices. Our off-site construction technology allows for little disruption to students and faculty in the construction process as well as increased safety measures while creating an enhanced learning environment.