Rooms: 50

Area: 5,600 m² (60,278 ft²)

ALTEK understands many of the challenges that occur regarding the future of healthcare design. Through experienced staff ALTEK recognizes the dramatic influences that affect design such as limited financial resources, evolving technological advances, and an aging population, all influencing the design decisions for any healthcare facility. It is through our experience and constant understanding of the situation that we are able to provide a modular product solution that can provide a homelike and therapeutic environment. Modular construction has a place in this design industry with applications in nursing homes, assisted living centers, wellness clinics, rehabilitation centers, healthcare and administration offices, as well as medical and dental clinics. ALTEK’s cunning technology allows the client to have a high performance facility with an unsurpassed level of flexibility and exemplary high quality that can meet and exceed regulations and technical requirements that are typically governed in healthcare design.

The Sliver Care Facility, a highlighted demo facility located on site, is a single storey facility contrived as an integrated care facility whose function will cover cure treatment, care, recuperation and daily assisted living. The design development for this facility is a system targeted to provide the highest quality of care and improve the quality of life for elderly residents for both the present and the future.