Rooms: 3

Area: 300 m² (3,229 ft²)

Single Family House | Villas

ALTEK understands the residential market trends that make any residential development viable. Our products can provide unique environments based on the individual needs of the immediate client. ALTEK strives to provide a product that offer a variation of interior volumes, indoor environment quality, and enhance the quality of life of the resident. ALTEK’s products are engineered to be structurally sound meeting or exceeding the client’s local code requirements leaving the client with a sustainable and durable residence.

Multi-Family Residential

ALTEK specializes in serving the residential market sector allowing for an increased speed of build and cost efficiency. This benefits our clients by allowing for quicker occupancy. ALTEK’s goal is to provide a product that can enhance quality of life, residential character, as well as a secure and private personal space for families. Our product will create an impact on the community as an entirety by providing reliable and prevailing accommodations.

The middle range dwelling, in which each family has a total floor area ranging from 120m2 to 200m2. The 3 storey building has a total floor area of approximately 1440m2 with a net ceiling height ranging from 2.8m to 3m.

The six-storey multifamily complex is an economic range dwelling designed in which each family has a total floor area ranging from 90m2 to 120m2. The entire structure has a floor area of 3,600m2. Each floor is designed to accommodate four families with a new ceiling height ranging from 2.6m to 2.8m with interior circulation.

Joint Use Retail

ALTEK’s products are designed based on the prioritized needs of the client with the goal of providing highly functional and efficiently design commercial building solutions. ALTEK’s process for modular construction is beneficial for Joint Use Retail because it provides an overall reduced life cycle cost, sustainable featured designs that improve indoor environment quality, and reduces build time, thus increasing the speed of occupancy. Our process also allows for an array of different architectural elements and custom designed interior spaces to coincide with your company’s image.

The VEMAS demo site contains two triplex buildings with an approximate floor area of 2100m2, with an approximate floor area of 2100m2, holding 8 units each. The ground floor is dedicated to commercial space including a restaurant, a café, and a shopping venue; the middle floor would be used as a studio or a firm room; and the top floor is strictly residential space. Each unit has the option of being designed with an individual floor plan and façade displaying an array of intriguing architectural elements.

Rural Housing

The rural housing demo is designed for a single family living in a rural area. The building is normally designed as a single storey with a range from two to five bedrooms. Rural homes on site are shown with an approximate floor area of 200m2 and 60m2. The building panels and pre-assembled units can easily be shipped by container or truck tot eh proposed site and quickly assembled.