VEMAS: Volumetric | Engineered | Manufactured | Accommodation | Systems

VEMAS process flow

VEMAS coined by ALTEK as the primary product driver for a holistic solution to End-Clients, Design Institutions, Regulatory Authorities, Material Suppliers, Manufacturers, Service Providers, General Contractors and Developers globally.

Clients: Much akin to selecting a mode of transportation which offers economical and environmental benefits, clients who choose to live in a VEMAS residence appreciate its benefits and show responsibilities to future generations to come.

Manufacturers: Manufacturers of engineered manufactured products will enjoy the successful delivery of sustainable buildings and building products in a lean manufacturing environment throughout the VEMAS value chain.

Governments: Industrialized products are there to enhance the environment economically and ecologically for the benefit of all while creating stable jobs and teaching long term skills to locals.

The Product: VEMAS lends itself to a variety of applications to be enjoyed by end users, such as: Social Housing, Schools, Student Accommodations (Dormitories), Low-rise office buildings, Assisted Living Complexes, Apartments, Single Family Homes, Town-homes, Hotels, and custom build accommodations.