Letter from CEO

Karl Dixon

Dear Visitor;

ALTEK VEMAS is a result of a 7 year investment in the development of volumetric off-site engineered solutions for the domestic market in China, while simultaneously providing a global solution, through components manufactured in China to be assembled in the recipients country.

VEMAS is no ordinary Service Package agreement, it is a participative interactive solution providing all pre-manufactured activities and continued support together with a quality system throughout the production process. Once the product leaves the factory, ALTEK through its strategic partners ensure the products are installed, and finished on site.

The VEMAS manufacture partner can enjoy the benefits of advance complex build systems that are competitively priced to that of traditional construction without the expense of specialization of pre-manufacture overheads. Developers do not have to worry about product once it leaves the factory as ALTEK provides under its service agreements a turn key solution.

I would welcome you all to browse this website and should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact ALTEK  directly.

Yours Sincerely,

letter from ceo to customers

Karl Dixon

CEO ALTEK Group of Companies.