VEMAS Strength

VEMAS provide and adds needed technology and more tangible value to each entity in the value chain thereby adding more value through to the end client. It manages all resource to deliver each process through volume while providing services needed at each stage of the process.

Some of the benefits of our manufacturing process are listed below:

  • Sustainability:
    The most significant benefit of off-site manufacturing over traditional construction is the sustainable attributes.
    Off-site manufacturing reduces the impact of on-site construction on environment and noise pollution.
    The attributes of off-site manufacturing are present in the materials used, the manufacturing methods adopted, and the energy efficiency during the products life cycle.
    Once the product has served its purpose sustainability can be measured in terms of recyclable elements, demountable and decommissioning of components.
  • Speed of build:
    Speed of build is critical, if (I-H) is to be cost competitive against traditional build. Speed of build will come from volume based production in an effective manufacturing environment, and the level of standardization within the critical components.
  • Speed of completion:
    Coordination of the groundwork’s, combined with a high-level of manufactured finish can significantly reduce the overall construction time, and can also get rid of the impacts of weather and change of seasons on the construction time, which enables the building to be put into earlier use.  The complete change in development profile can lead to far faster returns on employed capital and significantly increase a site’s overall profitability.
  • Saving investment:
    High speed of build and completion, purchase-to-order and make-to-order can effectively reduce the overall construction time and capital occupation time, thereby avoiding early overstocking of capital and saving the capital cost and opportunity cost of the investment. Ideal speed of completion can put the building into use earlier than traditional construction way, and realize an earlier revenue stream.
  • Quality product:
    Industrialized Housing adopts high quality building materials, which are standardized produced by specialized factories. It can offer consistency in the quality of build by avoiding the impacts of inferior materials and bad weather on the construction quality. The quality of buildings and its consistency can still be guaranteed through means of standardized control, modern detecting and industrialized production. This cannot be met by traditional construction processes. The selection of materials can provide long life cycles of 50-60 years.
  • Product Variation:
    Besides both fully furnished and unfurnished houses, modular solutions also offer a wide selection of products to meet the needs of the accommodation market. These include panelized systems, bathroom / kitchen pods and external wall systems, which can be supplied to support traditional construction through to fully furnished accommodation units delivered direct to the construction site.